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A Guide To Chastity Humiliation.

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Chastity humiliation is yet another BDSM fetish people like to indulge in. Before reading further let me warn you this is not for people who are new to the BDSM community. This practice is a little extreme and will be excruciatingly bad if have no experience with different types of male chastity devices. You have to be very familiar with the field and must have practiced it in some form before trying this out.


Chastity humiliation is actually a very cruel way of keeping a man in an odd state of ecstasy and emotional high by keeping him locked under a type of male chastity device. This practice focuses on satisfying the needs of the woman and making her feel that she is in control of everything her man does. A common term used along with this practice is the key holder, who is the person who holds the key to the lock of the chastity device. The woman is the key holder has the freedom of doing anything she wishes and can keep you under a lock for as long as she likes.

The man is constantly reminded of is predicament and is humiliated for it. He is the one who chose to do this after all. The constant agony and pain between the man’s legs slowly become the key holder’s fetish and they enjoy humiliating them even more. In this practice, the man has to be the submissive one and the woman is the dominatrix who can enjoy his predicament. She can have as many orgasms as she wishes to have. For some women, it can be a total turn on to see their man begging for pleasure and content while they deny it totally.


Some of the things people do with practice is making the man do all the housework to fulfill his sexual inadequacy. Women are in total control of the man’s orgasms if he is allowed any. You can really explore the possibilities of how you can torture or control your man and find what turns you on the most. As you can see this practice is very extreme and should be done very carefully. People should find what their partner is comfortable with and to what limits can they torture them. Chastity humiliation can be done with any type of male chastity device like a chastity belt anything at all that can lock up a man from engaging in sexual pleasures.

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