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Avoiding the temptation to orgasm in chastity

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Male chastity devices are one of the most popular choices when it comes to giving relationships a boost and both men and women in committed relationships are making full use of it. Chastity is something that should not be confused with celibacy, which means a complete cut-off of sexual contact and even indicates that the relationship is going to face even bigger problems in the future.


But the question that arises is that how do men and women avoid the temptation of having orgasms when in chastity?

How can man avoid the temptation to “cheat” and pleasure himself when he is not supposed to do it! Men love to orgasm and there is no doubt about that! Sadly, there is no device that can prevent cheating with 100% effectiveness. And how can women, in the heat of the moment stop themselves from letting their man have the orgasm he desperately craves for?


Well, there are no easy answers to these questions but there surely are ways we can avoid the temptation of having orgasm by cheating in chastity.

· Know that it is about tease and denial: Understand that it is going to take time and efforts and it simply means accepting the chastity regardless of whether you fully understand it or not. No matter how much he says he wants to climax, if you give in to his childish wishes and don’t remain firm with chastity, then he really won’t be thankful for it. Once the moment of heat is gone, he’ll be telling you the how you could have been a little stricter.


· You both are in it together: It may seem at first like a lot of hard work when it comes to keeping your man in a chastity device. And it sure can be. So you’re totally in for some kind of payback in the form of his attempts of pleasing you without any possibility of returns. That is what he wishes for but he can’t have it with ease. He can’t just give you control and expect to tell you how you should be behaving.

Follow these points and enjoy your chastity phase without the temptation to cheat!

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