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Don’t give up when things get tough

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Once you lock him up in the male chastity device, his penis is your property. This is the basic definition of Male Chastity. Women like think about this is like it is their toy and they have full control of him and his sex life too. In chastity, a penis exists for only the women’s pleasure and recreation. The man can take it out only on command and use it as instructed. He should then put it back safely where it belongs. If you too start to think of chastity this way, you will find that it is much easier to get a hold of it in your life. You shouldn’t feel bad about locking something up that is his. You are just trying to keep your property safe here and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The power of this concept and how it can influence a relationship will leave you surprised.


Male chastity is something that is not going be easy, especially if you are a beginner and getting used to it slowly. If the situation becomes difficult, or your partner annoys you with incessant talks regarding chastity, the best way is to get control of the situation and end it.

Try not to let it end prematurely. Remember that even though he desperately wished for it, he should be the one to do the adjustment and make things right too. Giving up too easily can spoil the fun that you two could have had if you had survived the initial chastity period. You should always agree with a minimum trial period. Try not to make it too like a year or too short like a week. Pick up something that lies in between and is suitable as well as bearable for the both of you.


If you encounter any issues, always remember that clear and efficient communication is the key to a healthy chastity life. Good luck! 

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