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How does wearing a chastity device feel

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The first basic question asked by most of the customers is about how does wearing a chastity device feel. It’s obvious that you feel a little different when you wear the male chastity device for the first time. It gives you an all-new feeling and it’s different. Once you get locked in a device, your penis obviously feels a little heavier. Heavier, but not uncomfortable at all.


Like any form of clothing, it gets comfortable after a certain level when you get used to it. Once you get used to it, you won’t even feel like it’s there, and whenever you do feel your penis caged, you’ll be reminded of your partner and that is a great feeling, of course.

Wearing a chastity device is like a regular reminder that you have a partner and that you’re in control. This feeling of being controlled and knowing that your orgasms are being controlled by your partner is a big turn-on for many men.


Now, is it comfortable to wear a male chastity device

A chastity device surely pulls down your penis a little more than usual. This does not hurt in general and feels quite normal once you get used to it. It takes time for people to get used to it, both physically and mentally. Men who’ve been in long-term chastity or put on their chastity devices often have claimed that they feel naked without it and that wearing a chastity device increases their sexual arousal, resulting in higher sex drives and intense erections (when not caged). One thing that can cause a little discomfort is not being able to touch yourself, even while urinating. But there are many ways to maintain personal hygiene while wearing a chastity device, and those are quite easy too.


All you basically need to do to be comfortable wearing a chastity device is to buy the right size of cage for your penis and take care of your personal hygiene while being in chastity. It might take time to get used to it, but once you do get adjusted, it can have many positive impacts on your sexual and mental health.

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