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Long Term Chastity

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It is a well-known fact that men can achieve orgasms faster than women, and they often have a higher sex drive. So, sometimes, men turn selfish and don’t take care of their partner’s needs. Therefore, a lot of men these days are adopting the chastity lifestyle. Male chastity is practiced through chastity locks which prevent erection and ejaculation. The key to the chastity lock is held by the “keyholder”, usually your partner.


What is long term chastity?

Chastity locks can also be used as just a toy during the BDSM play, which can last a few days, or for one sex session, which can be extended to a couple of weeks, generally. However, things change a great deal when you decide to go for long term chastity, which means staying caged in the chastity lock for months or even years.


Talk to your partner about it.

If you think you can stay in the chastity lock for months or years, and you want to practice long term chastity, talk to your partner about it. Of course, you’ll need a lot of courage to do this but this is the first step that needs to be taken. Discuss everything about long term chastity with your partner.


Choose the right chastity lock.

There are a lot of male chastity locks available in the market today. If you’re into long term chastity, you need to choose a chastity lock that’s highly comfortable and easy to clean.


It’s alright to take off the chastity lock.

Yes, even if you’re practicing long term chastity, you can take off the chastity lock once in a while! But make sure this is purely for hygiene and health purposes, and not for sexual purposes. Trapping your penis in a chastity lock obviously gives you many benefits, but in the long term, things can get messy and unhygienic. If not removed and cleaned at proper intervals, the chastity lock can build up bacteria and cause health issues.


Switch to a better device if you’re uncomfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable in your current chastity lock, then it’s not because chastity isn’t for you, it’s probably because you need another chastity lock. Don’t be afraid to make a new choice and get a new and better chastity lock for yourself.


While it’s okay to take the chastity lock off for cleaning purposes and if it gets uncomfortable, you should try and keep it on for as long as you can, if you really want to achieve the benefits that long term chastity offers. And once you get comfortable, you’ll feel naked without your chastity lock, and that’s the whole purpose, right?

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