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Make Your Wife Say Yes For It

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Male Chastity and orgasm denial are the most common fantasies that men dream of but the real. Problem lies with the fact that you just can’t do them on your own, all by yourself. There are ways where you can do it alone but that is something that will not what get you going. This is because men seek the thrill that is in the man feeling like he has no choice or control over his orgasms and it’s his beloved or girlfriend doing such things “to” him, not “with” him.


This urge to feel out of control is due to the hundreds of stories out there on Internet and forums from men who cannot stop claiming everything from the existence and experience of the “male chastity belt” to wives and girlfriends using “blackmail” in terms of not letting them orgasm. So all men who love male chastity wish is to get the wife to hold your device’s key and not to let them orgasm.

But the real problem lies with the fact that it might seem to be simple, but it’s not always easy. Talking about sex can be difficult at the times for couples, and to confess to something quite surprising and extraordinary like male chastity and orgasm denial is even tougher to say. And as a result of that, many men go on for decades with this burning desire they have in their hearts and never get to ask for what they want. But if you present things the right way, male chastity can be very appealing and arousing for a woman.


All you need is some generous tips to make sure that you are proceeding the right way when it comes to telling your wife about male chastity.

  • Elaborate but not only about great sex: Never make it all about the great sex but shed light on other advantages as well. From your point of view, you might think promising her hot, no-holds-barred sex is going to be a home run but sadly it is not. And while you can be sure about the fact that your wife is going to enjoy this aspect of male chastity lifestyle, it’s not the best selling point for her to buy what you are selling. You should focus on the increased emotional and physical intimacy and accompanying connections that she will get to enjoy with you. That’s way more enticing for most women.
  • Don’t tell but show her: Smooth and big talking is cheap and comes easy. So it’s usually much more effective to “show her how it will be” rather than just “telling her how it will be”. Remember, the next time you make love to her, focus on her needs and divulge from your own pleasure. Don’t make it a big deal, and don’t draw unnecessary attention to the yourself mentioning that you’re being more attentive and loving to her. This will open her up and make her communicate her feelings honestly.

Above tips are sure winners. So make sure to introduce them in your chastity lifestyle. 

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