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Male Chastity Rules Are Not To be Broken

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Once you have tried male chastity there is so much fun in male chastity with lots of sexual experience. There are multiple ways you both as a couple can do to make your slave chastity enticing. Different rules can be made by the keyholder, arousing activities you can indulge in a hot and intense orgasm. Not all get the spark down there by listening to the word rules. People generally relate to their childhood strict teachers and stringent parents.


But this is not the case in male chastity. In fact, when there are rules in your relation performing male chastity it is said to increase the sensual aspect of the concept. For men who love to get dominated by their women, they get to fulfill their desires by setting rules for themselves as chastity slaves. It provides the women to get hold of the situation your will and exert dominance.

However, rules are not only for punishments for disobedient male chastity slaves. There should be rules for accomplishments of the goals which were set mutually. Those goals can be weekly or monthly. Rules should also be set for rewards. This gives the keyholder the upper hand in choosing what should be deemed punishments. But as both the individual are involved in the male chastity relation. So the magnitude of the punishments should also be discussed between the two to ensure that their limits are recognized.


There are many rules a keyholder can set for his/her bad boy. They can be set for the motive of teasing the chastity slave and putting him in more discomfort. Another reason for the keyholder to set rules can be the pleasure to self, seeing the man in discomfort. We have listed some of the rules that keyholder can set:

  • The chastity slave must call the keyholder by their preferred name such as master/mistress or sir/ma’am. Failing which in doing so, the slave can be penalized with a slap on the face or a tight spank on the ass. It depends upon the keyholder whether she wants to give him at that moment or save it for later.

  • The caged slave can be assigned to send his cock locked inside the metal cage to the keyholder every day after getting to work. Every time he forgets can add one more day to his chastity period.
  • The male chastity slave should inform every time he is about to reach the climax. Failure of which deems the locking up of his cock into the cage delaying the orgasm.

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