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The Downsides of Saving a Steel Male Chastity Devices

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The growing popularity of male chastity devices is the inevitable truth and there are many couples out there who continue to seek out advice on the male chastity devices that incorporate steel in their design. The real reason behind doing so is that they take their marriages seriously and want to make sure that they are making every possible attempt and doing their bit in keeping the romance alive and maintaining intimacy in their relationship just like the initial days.


Male chastity couples very well realise the fact that men don’t really wish for or need sexual freedom and love to surrender control of their sexual lives to their accomplice. As a matter of fact, most of the men get into a state of pleasure and excitement once they are kept locked by their partners. As a result of that, they no longer waste their time masturbating or watching porn. Many ladies have confessed that their partner really turned more helpful when it cane to household chores and last but not least, sex has become much better as well!

Well, with all that in consideration, the common question that arises is which type of male chastity gadget to choose. They are a few different types. They can be made up of plastic, silicon and steel. All of them have particular sets of advantages and disadvantages.


If you are planning for long term chastity life, then you should totally go with the steel ones. But along with the advantages, there are some particular disadvantages that you should be aware of. Here is the list of possible disadvantages that no one tells you.

  • Steel belts can cause a little more trouble to your man than the plastic ones. That is the primary reason why men are always suggested to start out with plastic belts and then gradually upgrade to the steel ones. After all, the focus is to make your man feel his masculinity more than ever, not less.
  • Steel belts can surely play party spoilers, especially when they set off alarms at airport’s security checkpoints. If you have a man who is quite frequent with travelling, you should consider getting a plastic belt rather than a steel one that could prove to be troublesome.
  • The chances of men experiencing chafing with a steel device are quite higher than with a plastic one. If the man using the same has a sensitive skin, it might be good idea to get him a plastic chastity device. If you are so hell bent on using a steel device, an alternative is apply a good moisturiser on the inside of the device.
  • Chastity devices made up of plastic offer a wide range of colours and designs. The chances of women finding these devices visually attractive than the steel ones are fairly high which can look a bit overly masculine and shiny at times.

There are surely advantages and disadvantages to a steel male chastity device. Hence you should consider all the factors before making any final decisions as it can have a huge impact on your chastity life. 

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