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Think About Your Partner Even If You Love Chastity

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People try many weird and unique things while dating these days. Usage of male chastity devices is one of these and has been seeing a growth in the past few years. A male chastity device is somewhat like a cage that can be used to lock your penis in order to stop you from being aroused or from having any sort of orgasm. This is a lifestyle choice and must be opted for only if there is mutual willingness between both parties.


While a lot of women these days want to experiment with their relationships and crack it up a notch, they must understand that the lifestyle around chastity is not an easy one and must be supported by her partner. Being a woman of power you may like to have a submissive partner who listens to your command. Having that kind of power over someone else increases your bond and strengthens the trust. Having complete control of his orgasm, the woman must act responsibly.

The first few steps towards this lifestyle include selection of the perfect chastity device for a man’s body type and his comfort levels. If your partner has experience in chastity, mostly in cleaning the cage, then you can go ahead and purchase either the cage that gives partial protection or even the one that covers his penis fully. These two particular devices are used by men who wish to wear the cages for limited time periods or some special occasions like sexual parties.


For someone who is new to all of this, something like the open ended or barred cage can be suggested. These are great for people who love to maintain good sanitary conditions down there as it is incredibly easy to clean the cage. These can even be worn for longer time periods as there is certainty for ventilation throughout the device.

So the best way to select a chastity device for your partner is to understand the purpose and the level of expertise possessed by them. These devices are available online for purchase as well.

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