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What Makes CB 6000 the Most Popular and Best Selling Male Chastity Device?

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The CB 6000 is regarded as the most popular and best selling male chastity device in the world. This model of male chastity device is loved by most of the people for its amazing features. So today I am going to highlight some of the important points which will depict why CB 6000 is the best selling male chastity device around the world.



CB 6000 is comfortable for long-term used without any damage to your genitals. It’s made from smooth polycarbonate plastic with carefully-finished seams for the most comfortable fit. After trying with the different sized rings and spacers, we can recommend you to go for CB 6000 male chastity device.



CB6000 is made up from medical grade polycarbonate material which will prevent it from breaking. If you have any durability issues, it comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. So there will be no doubt regarding its durability.



It’s affordable for most of the people who seriously wanted to get involved in the male chastity lifestyle. It’s easy to spend money on a custom-made metal device or belt. There are some great high-end products on the market but the CB 6000 is most affordable to start. It could be the last chastity cage that you ever buy because of its amazing features.



When it comes to the security of chastity devices, no one can match CB 6000 as the keyholder has the full authority over the chastity device wearer. It’s full proof and unbreakable. It’s not possible to break without keyholders permission except going to the hospital.



It’s very hygienic to use the CB 6000 male chastity devices as it made up of smooth polycarbonate plastic. No smell will be formed as it is well ventilated and remove the chances of bacteria formation. It is easy to clean and maintain at minimal cost.



The CB 6000 comes up with different models and design to fit the requirements of the male chastity device wearer. It is redesigned in various forms and shapes to make CB 6000 more comfortable and secure to use. It is the result of lots of research and innovation to make it the best seller of the male chastity device in the world.


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