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Why Spiky Chastity Devices are More Pleasurable

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Everybody has a different point of view and experience regarding wearing the male chastity device. Some people like little soft while others like to have extremely pleasurable and exotic chastity device to fulfill their dark sexual fantasies. It really depends on the chastity wearer choice to adopt which kind of chastity device they want to try or wear.


For people who want to have extra pleasure, I would like to recommend them to buy spiky chastity device which will take you to the next level of extreme pleasure during your chastity lifestyle. Spiky chastity devices are those types of chastity cage which has spikes either inside or outside or on both sides of the chastity device. This chastity device is mainly made up of stainless steel which is sharp and helps to control orgasms and sexual intercourse.

Today, I am going to jot down some of the benefits of having a spiky chastity device in your life. Without further delay here are the benefits –


Control orgasms

Spiky chastity device really helps you to control orgasms through preventing erections. The spikes inside the chastity device will not let you think about erection and divert your focus on other things rather than sex.


Easy to wear and adjust

Spiky chastity devices are very easy to wear and comfortable. It comes with various designs and sizes which will make you choose the best one. It’s also not so complex to adjust the spiky device according to your comfort.


Comfortable under clothes

These types of chastity devices are also comfortable under clothes. Some people may think that the spiky edges of the chastity device may create discomfort while wearing under clothes but just make sure not to go through metal detectors as it is made up of stainless steel.


More pleasure and excitement

It’s more pleasurable to wear spiky chastity device than most of the other chastity device. It will create more excitement and bring back romance in your life. There will be teasing and fun with your partner (keyholder). You will be more attracted towards your partner and sex will be better when releasing from the chastity device.


Easy to clean and hygienic

Spiky chastity devices are very easy to clean and maintain. It has open-ended for urination and hygiene. You don’t have to put off your chastity device every time to clean it. You can use cleansing swap with lots of soapy water and antibacterial liquid to get inside your device to disinfect formation of harmful bacteria.

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